What is CV20?

Cv20, which stands for Christ’s Victory in 2020, is a Global prayer movement birthed during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, with a vision to inspire and empower the church to pray for breakthrough. We now believe that CV20 is a “and beyond” movement that continues to release prayer across the sound waves of the internet to bring the glory of God to earth and to release breakthrough to those in darkness, bound by sickness and to set free those bound.

What is prayer?

As Christian, we believe that prayer, in its most basic form, is our right given by Christ’s death, to communicate with the Heavenly Father, Our Saviour and Lord, Jesus Christ by the gift of the Holy Spirit. But prayer is much more than that. As a son of God, living with the Holy Spirit inside of us, we believe prayer is a weapon of warfare against darkness, disease, sickness, bondage and hate. We have the tools in our hands by the word of God and prayer is the activation of our birth right, as a born again Christian, to release the will of heaven on earth.

How do I connect with Cv20?

CV20 is an online prayer movement and you can connect in with our prayer gatherings via the CV20 Facebook page, founded By Pastor Bruce Dyer of Love Life Uk Church, for hours of constant prayer.

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